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online and offline, we provide young women with a safe space to meet new friends, seek advice, and build connections


It can be hard to make friends sometimes. We're here to fix that 

Whether you've just moved to a new city, or just want to be part of a supportive online community, we're here to make getting to know other young women easier. 

We host in person events across the UK and beyond every month so you can meet other girls in a safe space while doing something fun, as well as virtual events every Monday to make Monday's a little less lonely.

Our online community has over 30K members around the world, and our Instagram has a reach of over 28K.


What our members say...

‘Bamby has opened so many doors for me in terms of meeting new people back at home after moving from back university. I cannot wait to see where these friendships go.’

Molly, Bamby Collective member

‘Becoming a member of Bamby Collective, and an Ambassador for the South Wales group, has helped build my confidence more than I ever imagined by allowing me to dive outside of my comfort zone in organising events, encouraging new friends etc. Bamby has reignited a passion inside me that I haven’t felt in a long time & I can’t wait to see where/how it continues to grow’

Shannon, Bamby Collective member & Ambassador

‘I have been a member of Bamby Collective for over a year now. It’s such a lovely, positive environment; there is a really uplifting sense of community!’

Charlie, Bamby Collective member

‘Bamby has been so beneficial for my social life! I've made and greeted new friends, and now have the opportunity to be an ambassador for the brand. I'm so grateful for what I've gained so far, and can only look forward to what's to come in the future

Bronwen, Bamby Collective member & Ambassador

‘Bamby has really helped with my confidence, making new friends and going to events. Being sociable really helps connect with people and I feel really lucky to be a part of this wonderful group!’

Lucy, Bamby Collective member

‘I have recently joined Bamby and I have already spoke to so many people who I am planning to meet. It’s such a great way for girls in their 20s to make friends I totally recommend joining!’

Finity, Bamby Collective member 

We build connections through...

IRL events, virtual events, book club, pen pal matching


We host IRL events every month in London and other locations in the UK and beyond, aiming to provide a safe space for young women to connect while doing something fun. 

Past events include puppy yoga, axe throwing, pottery painting and more. 

Ps. we're expanding. 

We just had our first sell out event in Cape Town. 



We think reading is one of life's best pleasures, and even more so when shared with other people.

We run a monthly book club where members can vote for what they want to read that month. 

We discuss together online over zoom every month. 


We host virtual events every Monday night for girls around the world so that you always have something to look forward to on a Monday.

Sometimes we watch a movie together while chatting, sometimes it's a quiz. Always with a mellow vibe so that you can chill. 


The hub of our community is our Bamby Collective facebook page, with over 30K members from around the world that members can use to find friends, seek advice, or vent. We also have dedicated groups for different locations so our members can easily connect with other young women in their area and find out about events near them. 


Colorful Inspirational Self Love Phone Reminder Instagram Story (2).png


We run a pen pal matching scheme, pairing our members with a fellow Bamby Collective member around the world. 

We believe that while screens serve their purpose, building a relationship through old fashioned snail mail and all the care that goes into it is something that shouldn't go out of fashion.

We do new sign ups every month that can be found on our facebook page. 

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